“Skramblr is Brilliant! Free video chat, free audio calls, audio messaging, group chat, a global catalogue of amazing animations to share as greetings or drop in-chat. Skramblr also has brilliant, unique encryption for your total privacy. Just shake your mobile for chats to be hidden from prying eyes. Keep your secrets, secret!"

Find, follow, download, share, enjoy amazing animations crowd sourced from animators worldwide.. Share in-chat or schedule in the brand new calendar (coming to your app very soon) to send for any special occasion, any reason, any season.

Strong encryption keeps your secrets, secret!

Features and Benefits of Skramblr

Free full screen video chat…

Now you can enjoy full screen, totally free video chat and free audio chat. Tired of texting? You can now simply use the in-chat Audio-Record button and record your message and send while on the run. Skramblr provides a level of entertainment and cool functionality you just can’t get from the old messaging apps.


Scheduling & Timeline

Almost ready for release… won’t be that long now!!. Never forget a special date or event again. Schedule ahead with an amazing 3D digital card. Fun, convenient and so much easier than cards & snail mails. Skramblr blurs the line between multi-media messaging and social media. Your favorite messages are accessible instead of being forgotten.

Secure Your Messages

Skramblr lets you ‘skrambl’ your messages. Text, photos and videos can all be encrypted at the touch of a button with super secure encryption protocol. Never leave your data or communications exposed. Skramblr keeps your secrets, secret!


Skranimations: Words are not enough!

Animate your messages. Browse the in-app catalogue, download and drop in-chat brilliant 3d nano-movies and amazing animations. Watch while Skramblr’s catalogue expands into a whole new world of visual experience. Browse our database of awesome Skranimations and send a scheduled greeting.

Share free text, photos and video

Just like other chat apps and evolving constantly to build a better chat experience. But… Skramblr offers much, much more! Skramblr provides a level of entertainment and cool functionality you just can’t get from the old messaging apps.


Become A Skranimator!

Every trained and experienced animator from all countries, cultures and languages can join Skramblr and upload their animations to our catalogue for you to share. Follow the ones you like, vote them up or share their work… all while you are enjoying a great chat experience through Skramblr’s mobile app.

Why download Skramblr?

How is Skramblr Different?

Skramblr is a multi-messaging app that elevates the way you send and receive messages. Not only can you enjoy a great new messaging app with a global reach, but you can also share a world of brilliant visuals.

‘But I am using another messaging app’…

Most people use several messaging apps depending on their different groups, interests, tribes, location; but Skramblr lets you bring your people together into one great space to share a whole new world of possibilities and great entertainment.

Totally Free to Download.

Grab Skramblr from your app store and start using immediately. It can pick up your favourite contacts and you are good to go! Try it and explore the amazing catalogue of goodies to watch and share.

Unlimited Possibilities

Early users are being given some amazing bonus value with free Skranimations and global catalogue access. Invite your friends and get even more. Our development path includes awesome personalisation options, games, brain trainers, anime, cartoon series and some new innovations we can’t even talk about yet.

Be a Skranimator!

Good news to all 3D animators!

If you are creative, super talented and want to showcase your animation skills and earn money while enjoying what you do, then watch out for the launching of our API platform.

The Skranimators Page with animation.cafe for more details.

Skramblr has landed in a mobile device near you!

Be among the first person in your group, family or friends to use SKRAMBLR! Be a part of the Skramblr Evolution. Help us build the ultimate communications app of this generation.

It is Free to download! Free to use for all your messaging and it is getting bigger and better every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Free or Annual Fee?

No annual fees for using Skramblr’s messaging or encryption. Some Skranimations will be given for free each month and others will be able to be bought in-app from the app stores for small amounts like 49 cents or 99 cents. Another option for serious nano-movie or Skranimation users will be a small annual subscription so they get all new animations delivered to their app.

Is Skramblr Hacker Proof?

Well, even the Pentagon isn’t totally hack proof but our algorithm and encryption processes are pretty darn tough. Apart from the patent pending Skrambling process, you get 128 bit encryption, two digital keys but only one in device and the other at a secure remote server. If someone intercepted your messages, photos or video, it would be gobble-de-gook to them.


Get it! Love it! Share it!

Similarities and Edge over other Messaging Apps

Here are the similarities and edge of Skramblr compared to existing messaging apps.


  • FREE access over Wifi/internet
  • Unlimited Messages/Chats
  • Send personal images and videos
  • Add and share with friends
  • Customize Profile and Images
  • More entertaining than normal SMS


  • Encrypted & Private Messages
  • Globally Crowd Sourced Animations
  • In-App Catalogue Constantly Growing
  • More Interactive Content in Development
  • Amazing Bonuses For Early Users
  • More Features Coming Soon!

What's next for Skramblr?

  • More Skranimations
  • In-app Games
  • Interactive Content
  • Voice & Video Calling
  • More Group Options


Skramblr is here for Android and Apple coming early Sept 2016!
Whether you want to Skrambl your messages and keep your secrets secret or you want to share from a rapidly growing catalogue of brilliant animations for animators all around the world… Or just chill and chat…. Skramblr is for you!
Try it! Love it! Share it!

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