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Version required iOS 10 or later, Android Kitkat or later

……check out what tomorrow's messaging should be like on the pages below… then grab it today!


Total Life Communicator

Skrambler is smart, reliable, FREE to use, has no intrusive ads and brilliant content to share with your tribe. Check out the quick video below...

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Better voice and video calls

Our super high quality voice and video calls simply use your phone’s internet connection instead of your mobile plan so you are not paying expensive call costs..


Watch the film

OK… better video chat, audio chat, fast texting, group chats, broadcasting, skranimations, talkies, really cool privacy options…. Totally free and zero intrusive adverts. if you are already using another chat app, download this as your number 2… it will soon be your number 1 !

Features you’ll love

Send stunning nano-movies in chat or share with friends when words are simply not enough. catalogue growing daily. Make your own talkies… GIFs with your voice. Share from an original catalogue of great stickers and other brilliant content to share


Can you spot the dud?

sometimes it is hard to know what is genuine

the guarantees of some of the biggest chat apps were total BS. they were selling your data, pushing adverts at you and earning billions of dollars in profit at your expense.

And what did they do with that money? Well they didn’t spend it on listening to what you want in your chat app… They just kept giving you more of the same We listened to your feedback for 3 years and have built the world’s first total messaging solution, designed by you, for you. Millions of users are walking away from the big brother chat apps and are testing better, safer, smarter and more user friendly apps.


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Skramblr puts “in tu it” into intuitive

We are shaping and evolving this pocket rocket into your lifetime companion.

Be among the first person in your group, family or friends to use SKRAMBLER! Be a part of the Skrambler Evolution. Help us build the ultimate communications app of the generation.
It is Free to download! Free to use for all your messaging and it is getting bigger and better every day.

User reviews

Keeps Getting Better

Awesome app. Video call quality is just amazing. The best I have seen by far! Lots of cool features that I haven’t seen in any other apps before. Would highly recommend to anyone.

It deserves more than 5 stars!

A truly innovative messaging app. The feature to change the theme of the app is awesome. Scrambled messages and skranimations are cool innovative features.

Fun and easy to use. I love it!

I use several chat apps but this is different. The shake to encrypt is great. The animations catalogue is growing each day. I am looking forward to seeing how Skramblr grows even better functions in the coming months.

Truly awesome app!

Video call quality is just amazing! The best I have seen by far! Lots of cool features that I havent seen in any other apps before. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Check out just a few snaps of Skramblr’s functions.


Chats disappear at the touch of a button…

… Secret silos hide your chats so that only you can access them.

... Hidden chats can only be accessed with your private code.

… A secret amigo..?

… Sensitive pricing information?

… Planning a surprise party?

… Brilliant ideas the world really isn’t ready for…

… So many reasons to keep your chats secret.


Chats reappear only when you ‘unhide’ them…


...You want to put the hidden chats back in public view it is easy, just access your hidden silo, select the secret chat, press and hold until the option to make it public appears.
...Just enter your four digit code or use your own fingerprint to access the secret chats or restore them to normal chat history.
...Then it just pops right back into your usual chat history Too easy… but only you can do it so… your secrets are always safe with Skramblr


Download Skramblr free now.
Remember, no ads pushed at you.
No one selling, using or losing your data.
Brilliant security and privacy options to protect you.
Awesome animations and content to share from our catalogue.
Great new content will be flowing in daily from global creatives.
Designed by YOU and evolving daily with your brilliant suggestions.
This is just stage one! Amazing new functions and options coming.
Tomorrow’s messaging and communications, Today!
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